Reading Skills: Workshops

Are you feeling disheartened because you don’t know the necessary reading strategies? Are you struggling to distinguish more important information from less important information, and are you consequently learning everything in your textbooks? Is technical terminology hampering you? Are you having problems summarising the core of your learning material?

The Reading Lab offers customised workshops to meet your needs. These workshops can be designed for specific groups or for specific needs in different departments; they can be presented in English and/or Afrikaans depending on the needs of the participants.

If you’re interested in customised workshops or sessions on academic reading work, phone Marisca Coetzee at 021 808 2811.

Check out our workshop programme for the year and select a workshop session that meets your unique needs.

How do I enrol for a workshop?

Send an e-mail to Marisca Coetzee or phone 021 808 2811 if you have any queries about a workshop or if you’d like to enrol for one.