Afrikaans for International Students

In our Language Development courses for international students, we cater for everyone: from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. Here, a student’s language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – are developed in an interactive, small-group environment. We also offer English for International Students.

Our Afrikaans courses are as follows:

Pretproe (presented in January) and Kaggelklets (presented in June and July)
This is a fun-filled course offering students a linguistic and cultural taste of Afrikaans as a language in a wider cultural context in the heart of the Western Cape. The programme comprises lively interpersonal activities in the classroom as well as an instructive extramural cultural component. This cultural orientation may include activities such as a visit to a wine farm and cellar and exposure to South African art and entertainment.

Afrikaans for Beginners (Level 1 and Level 2)
Both levels focus on the development of the participants’ social language skills in Afrikaans. The students are taught to communicate in a strategic way with their fellow students, their lecturers and other Afrikaans speakers. A small-group approach (with ten to eighteen people per group) is followed and the informal touch promises to develop the students’ language skills in a fun yet effective way.

Afrikaans Language and Culture for Dutch and Belgian students
The main objective of the course is an understanding of and appreciation for the Afrikaans culture. The themes Identity, Landscape and Ubuntu are covered by means of the four communicative skills:
Speaking Skills: Afrikaans is used strategically to communicate in specific contexts.
Listening skills: Contact with Afrikaans is stimulated through varied activities such as outings, informal lectures, discussions, music and other forms of listening texts.
Reading Skills: Authentic material, for example newspaper and magazine articles, short stories, poetry and more prose are used for reading tasks.
Writing Skills: Participants produce short texts, for example journal entries, reviews and responses based on the themes.
Prerequisites for Admission: Only students from the Netherlands and Belgium may attend this course

For more information on any of these courses, please contact

Helga Sykstus (Coordinator: admin and course content) at 021 808 4464.

Vernita Beukes (Registration and fes) at 021 808 2636.