Prof Vic Webb, internationally renowned researcher in the field of language planning and language sociology, was appointed research fellow of the Language Centre in April 2010. He is involved, in particular, in the University’s Research Programme on Language Development and Language Empowerment.

Prof Carel Jansen of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, is a renowned researcher in business communication and document design. Hy is extraordinary professor in the Department Afrikaans and Dutch, but also participates in research at the Language Centre.

Dr Rose Richards did her doctoral research on the narratives of chronic kidney disease, experimenting with ways of pushing the boundaries of academic writing.

Prof Leon de Stadler (Director: Language Centre) presented a paper on the University’s language-planning model to the CERCLES organisation’s focus group on language policy in Marseilles in May 2011. CERCLES is the European organisation for language centres and language planners at European universities.