We are happy to share our knowledge with others. This section therefore contains various articles that we find interesting and relevant. This includes literature on multilingualism, language planning in South Africa and various declarations, policy documents and legislation.

Literature on multilingualism

  • A lecture by Prof Suzanne Flynn of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the importance of multilingualism (pdf)
  • An important UNESCO report entitled Why and how Africa should invest in African languages and multilingual education (pdf)
  • A study on the influence of multilingualism on creativity (pdf)
  • An important article by Prof Suzanne Romaine on the relationship between language planning and the protection of language diversity (pdf)

Language planning in South Africa

  • A lecture by Theo du Plessis entitled From monolingual to bilingual higher education: The repositioning of historically Afrikaans-medium universities in South Africa (pdf)
  • Neville Alexander on language planning in South Africa after apartheid (pdf)

Declarations, policy documents and legislation

  • Harare Declaration (pdf)
  • Asmara Declaration (pdf)
  • Nancy Declaration (pdf)
  • South African Languages Bill (pdf)