Language planning at SU

The University as an active role player in language planning

The ideals, the accomplishments and the continued work that the University is already doing in this regard are described in the book Language – A Bearer of Hope.
Click here to download a PDF version.

The Language Centre’s involvement in language planning

The Language Centre, as a service provider, is involved in the University’s language planning through, inter alia

  • the Director’s role in the University’s language-planning structures;
  • our role in the language planning of the faculties and support services; and
  • our research on language planning in higher education.

Please consult the University’s Language Policy and Language Plan here.

Important language-planning news

Profs Leon de Stadler and Vic Webb established the Special Interest Group on Multilingualism in 2010. In 2011, this group issued a statement on, inter alia, multilingualism in higher education. Click here to read it. The statement was sent to various role-players, including the Minister of Higher Education and all the rectors of higher-education institutions.

The Language Centre’s involvement in the Advancement Plan for Afrikaans

The Language Centre plays an important role in the advancement of Afrikaans. This we do through our services and projects.

Please consult the Advancement Plan here. We apologise for the fact that this document is only available in Afrikaans at this time.