One of our initiatives to promote isiXhosa is the development of trilingual terminology lists for faculties within the University. We can also develop a tailor-made terminology list for institutions or companies that want to empower their employees.

In addition, we’ve created a free online trilingual terminology resource for students and staff. The resource contains terms in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa and consists of about 6 000 terms. It works with a simple search function – try it out here!

Here’s how you can get your hands on our books:

Students: Pay for the book at the Cashier in Admin A into – R1220-projectnr:book. Then bring your receipt to the Unit for isiXhosa in Bosman Street where you will receive your book.

Companies: E-mail Jeanene to place your order. You will receive an invoice and, upon payment, arrangements will be made to send you the books you ordered.

Departments: Payment can be made via interdepartmental requisition in our OE code 1560

As you would probably guess, the Language Centre is mad about languages. This is why we try to use every opportunity to promote multilingualism. The Unit for isiXhosa has compiled this trilingual terminology list for the University environment so that you can chat with other people in their mother tongue. Buy one each for yourself and for your colleague and challenge one another to learn a new word every day. Buy this book for only  R38.00
Are you a first year with Sociology as a subject? This trilingual dictionary contains all the difficult terms in your own language so that you understand Sociology better. Buy this book for only  R41.00
This trilingual dictionary is not only for first years but is also a valuable resource for social workers who want to serve their clients in their own language.Buy this book for only  R42.00
If you struggle to understand English psychology terminology, this booklet is just for you. It lists and explains psychology terminology in three languages. If you understand the concepts, you will learn and remember them much more easily, so order your copy today for only  R74.00
Do you sometimes struggle with difficult legal terms? Now you can look them up in this trilingual booklet published by the Unit for isiXhosa.
The content is divided into four sections: (i) Introduction to Law; (ii) Family Law; (iii) Customary Law; and (iv) Criminal Law. It is very easy to use. Order yours today for only R68.00!
Learn the most important terms in your own language with this user-friendly trilingual dictionary. As soon as you better understand what you are reading, your studies will be so much easier. Buy this book for only  R200.00
There’s more to soccer than Laduma! This trilingual booklet will soon have you experiencing all the action in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. Buy this book for only  R62.00
Share your love for this sport with even more people! Now you can look up all the cricket terms in English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa. Amaze your colleagues and surprise your boss with cricket talk in their own language. Buy this book for only  R62.00
This sport requires heaps of enthusiasm and nothing spells enthusiasm like rugby in your own language! This trilingual dictionary is a must for schools, sport bodies and all rugby lovers. Buy this book for only  R62.00