Text Editing

Our experienced language practitioners edit a broad range of texts – from research articles to municipal newsletters.
The aspects we look at include:

  • spelling and language errors,
  • text structure,
  • consistent use of language,
  • style and register, and
  • cohesion or coherence.

We edit mainly English and Afrikaans but can accommodate other language needs.

What do you get out of the editing of your text?

  • Your text is more readable and is therefore more effective in reaching your audience.
  • You are helped with the guidelines and conventions of the text concerned (e.g. journal articles).
  • You get a better finished text, which strengthens your professional image.
  • You receive the input of an objective and professional language practitioner.
  • You have the peace of mind that another pair of, experienced, eyes has read through your text very carefully.
    • The quickest way to get a quotation is to send us an e-mail (with your text attached) briefly stating your editing needs. For enquiries and quotes, please contact Marguerite van der Waal at 021 808 3096 or Cobus Snyman at 021 808 3096.

      Thesis Editing

      The Language Centre also edits theses, dissertations and assignments. For this type of editing we use seasoned editors, who have experience with academic texts specifically. However, it is important to remember that the content itself, which is marked, always stays the responsibility of the author. Click here for more information on this service, including the three editing options we offer.

      Then follow these four easy steps:

      Step 1: E-mail your thesis or dissertation and completed request form for editing to Marguerite van der Waal. She will send you a quotation for the editing option you chose as well as a debtors’ form and a proposed delivery date.

      Step 2: Complete the debtors’ form and send it back to Marguerite. Also send an e-mail to confirm your acceptance of the quotation and the delivery date. Remember to attach a copy of your ID/passport. You can also fax this to 021 808 2863.

      Step 3: You will receive an e-mail as confirmation that we received your acceptance of the quotation and the delivery date. At this stage we send your thesis or dissertation to one of our editors.

      Step 4: You will receive an invoice from our financial team. Please make the payment and e-mail proof of payment to Marguerite, or fax it to 021 808 2863. You will receive you edited document on the agreed date, provided that your payment has been finalised.


      Transcription service

      We offer a fast, professional transcription service for a wide range of audio recordings. Click here (at the bottom of the page) for more information about this service.