Conference Interpreting

Avoid frustration and confusion in conferences, meetings and functions by hiring experienced interpreters. The Language Centre offers a professional whisper interpreting service that is often used by local municipalities and companies for events where speakers of more than one language are to be accommodated. The service is available in a number of languages, including Afrikaans, English and Xhosa, and all special equipment is included in the cost and supplied by the Language Centre.

What are the benefits of this interpreting service?

  • As long as only one person is speaking, an interpreter can interpret in any question-and-answer session between roleplayers, which can improve the interaction and cohesion in the group.
  • Speakers can focus on their message in the language in which they are the most at ease.
  • The speaker’s message is made accessible to all roleplayers in a language with which they are comfortable.

It is best to book your interpreters well in advance, but for emergency situations we can provide an interpreter within 24 hours at an additional charge.

For more information or to book interpreters, please contact Juanli Theron.

Educational interpreting

The Language Centre is committed to the promotion of multilingualism at Stellenbosch University. In this regard we offer real-time educational interpreting (in the form of simultaneous whisper interpreting between Afrikaans and English) to a number of faculties, from Science to Law. Educational interpreting is done in modules in various undergraduate years of study, even up to fourth-year level in Engineering. For this interpreting service, we use a dedicated team of interpreters, who receive thorough training and orientation with regard to the specific modules they will be interpreting in beforehand. The quality of the actual interpreting done is also very carefully monitored.

What are the benefits of this interpreting service?

  • Lectures are made accessible to all students, working from the starting point of the language that the lecturer is most at ease in.
  • Students are not divided into different language groups and all everyone can therefore take part in classes together.
  • As long as only one person is speaking, the interpreter can even interpret in interactions between students, which can improve the students’ group cohesion.
  • There is more time for reviewing during class time because classes do not have to be repeated in two languages.

For more information on the process to be followed to request educational interpreting for a specific module, please contact Juanli Theron.

Other Services offered by the Interpreting Service



We offer a fast, professional transcription service for a wide range of audio recordings. These include the following:

  • Research interviews
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • General business recordings (minutes, meetings, etc.)
  • Conferences
  • Podcasts
  • Legal recordings
  • Medical recordings
  • Sermons
  • Personal/private recordings

Click here for more information on the service, including the two transcription options we offer.
Please note:The service is currently only available for English and Afrikaans audio recordings.

Then follow these four easy steps:
Step 1: E-mail your completed transcription request form to Deidre Duvenage and share your audio file(s) with us via Dropbox. We will send you a quotation for the transcription option you chose as well as a debtors’ form and a proposed delivery date.
Step 2: Complete the debtors’ form and send it back to Deidre. Also send an e-mail to confirm your acceptance of the quotation and the delivery date.
Step 3: You will receive an e-mail as confirmation that we have received your acceptance of the quotation and the delivery date. At this stage we send your audio file(s) to our team of transcribers.
Step 4: You will receive an invoice from Cheryl Cornelissen in our financial team. Please make the payment and e-mail proof of payment to Cheryl. You will receive your transcript(s) on the agreed date.