About the Programme

Introducing the Module Mentorship Programme

The Module Mentorship Programme is a student academic support programme within the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at Stellenbosch University that aims to increase performance and retention. The programme is voluntary, student driven and focuses on high risk modules rather than high risk students. It aims to improve thinking and reasoning skills to create independent and responsible students.

In addition to providing academic guidance, the programme objective is to identify obstacles that are preventing learning from taking place and to refer students to supplementary help where needed. This includes financial, emotional and psychological problems that student might be facing. Furthermore it provides much needed social contact for first year students. We aim to improve student performance and retention.

Who are the mentees?

The mentees are any students that are registered for a first year module that forms part of the module-mentorship program. We have over 500 applications for mentors per year. Mentees can apply for a mentor in any of the following modules: Business Management 113/142, Economics 114/144, Statistics 186, Statistical Methods 176, Information Systems 188, Financial Accounting 188, Financial Accounting 178 and Theory of Interest 152. Sessions occur on a weekly basis and are an hour long.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are senior students who have successfully completed and obtained at least 65% in the particular module (not through winter/summer school). They have received training on how to conduct these mentor sessions. They offer out of class, peer facilitated sessions, integrating content with learning skills and study strategies.

When did the programme start?  How does it function?  How many students are reached?

The module mentoring programme was initiated in 2007 and administered with an electronic management system. This entails that students (mentees) electronically apply to the module mentoring programme for specific modules in which they need support. Senior students (mentors) that adhere to the academic criteria (> 65%) and undergo the basic four-hour training session on mentoring skills are paired with approximately 10 mentees. They schedule meetings outside of the formal class time (usually once a week) to discuss academic issues and to provide general support.


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