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2nd image
Details of X ray
Third image
X ray after internal fixation

A fracture through a lytic lesion of the distal femur can be seen. The lesion responsible for the fracture is ovoid translucency which is eccentric. It is situated shaftward of the growth plate.The margins are scalloped, and there is a multilocular appearance while the outer cortex is thinned. The medullary margin has a dense sclerotic appearance.

Size of the non ossifying fibroma varies from 2 cm to 7 cm. Large lesions may fracture, as in this case. The non ossifying fibroma is usually an incidental lesion on x ray films taken for other reasons. If the lesion is small it may be ignored. Larger NOF lesions, or the painful lesion may need prophylactic fixation

"No touch" lesions

The lesions below should not be unnecessarily biopsied


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