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2nd image
Third image
The tumour has been removed via this window in the proximal humerus
On X rays a poorly demarcated lesion of the proximal humerus is seen. It consists of stippled calcifications. The lesion has not broken through the cortex or caused any repair response in the bone.

Differential Diagnosis
1) Enchondroma
2) Chondrosarcoma
2) Bone Infarct

Low grade chondrosarcomas and enchondroma are difficult to destinguish on imaging and biopsy is indicated. The patient's age is in favour of chondrosarcoma as is the fact that she had pain.
If a lesion that appears to be an enchondroma is painful, suspect malignancy.
Due to her age, and to the fact that the lesion was a low grade chonrdosarcoma, radical treatment was not considered advisable.
The lesion curetted, phenolised, and packed with allograft.

Record 52