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2nd image
Same Xray as last page
The x ray shows a large excentric cystic lesion of the proximal tibia. It has a distinct margin. This is x ray available of this lady is and unfortunately post bone grafting so no comment can be made on the contents of the cystic lesion. ( CMF typically does not show calcification)
Classical X ray findings with CMF
The lesion usually has a sclerotic margin of bone and a lobulated contour. Ridges and grooves that appear in the margins secondary to scalloping falsely appear to be trabeculae. CT helps define cortical integrity and confirms that there is no mineralization of the matrix, unlike other cartilage tumors. CMF has the same appearance on MRI as other cartilage tumors which is decreased signal on T 1 weighted images and increased signal on T2 weighted images. MRI is helpful in preoperative planning and staging. The radiologic differential diagnosis includes giant cell tumor, aneurysmal bone cyst, unicameral bone cyst, chondroblastoma and fibrous dysplasia.

Cyst phenolised and packed with autogenous as well as 3 packets of morcellised allograft. At 1 year postop the patient was pain free X rays show incorporation of bone graft.

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