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2nd image
Lateral X ray Cervical Spine
Third image
MRI Showing cord compression
Plain xrays show a destructive lesion of C3 vertebra. The MRI shows a mass infiltrating C3 and encroaching on the spinal cord.The disc spaces are not involved.
Tuberculosis can look very similar on Xrays and MRI.
Lymphomas and leukemias rarely involve the vertebral column. The clinical manifestations of lymphoma can closely mimic tuberculous spondylitis Lymphoma of bone is usually secondary to lymphoma of lymphoid tissue.
Roentgenographically, a combination of bone production and bone destruction is seen involving a wide area
Frequent occurrences of osteoporosis and bone destruction can make it difficult to differentiate lymphoma from Pott?s spine, the hallmark of which is reduced disc space with osteopaenia.

Treated by chemotherapy and radiotherapy

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