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2nd image
Third image
L Femur - About 1 month later Fracture took place
4th image
On plain X ray (middle) a pathological fracture is evident through a lytic mass in the distal femur. The X ray on the previous page shows the femur before the fracture took place.
The MRI image shows a mass lateral to the femur. There is an altered marrow signal suggesting the bone too is abnormal. The initial impression was that the process may have originated in the sof tissues, and then spread to the bone.
Chest Xrays (not shown here) demonstrated multiple metastases and the opposite femur also showed a hot spot on Technicium scan (a metastasis that subsequently fractured too!)

The histology of the biopsy showed some glandular elements suggesting an alveolar soft part tumour. The final report however was "Sarcoma unknown type".

Record 77