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2nd image
Lateral Xray
Third image
4th image
The skin was red and warm over the large soft tissue mass
There was destruction of the tibial metapyhysis and epiphysis up to the subchondral margin. The MRI shows massive extension into the soft tissues of the leg.
On X rays this appears a very aggressive lesion but the histology was that of a giant cell tumour. The giant cell tumour often breaks through the cortex to invade the soft tissues.

Staging of GCT
Grade 1 Well-marginated border consisting of a thin rim of mature reactive bone, and the cortex is intact or slightly thinned but not deformed.
Grade 2 No reactive bone at the periphery, some cortical thinning or erosion with expansion but no cortical breakthrough.
Grade 3 Permeative border and loss of cortical continuity with extension into the soft tissue.

This is a grade three giant cell tumour.

Record 82