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2nd image
X ray
X Ray shows that the hip joint is filled with rounded cartilaginous bodies of 1 to 3mm in diameter.
Treated conservatively on non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs. Biopsy confirmed no sepsis, chronic non specific inflammation and cartilage bodies noted.

This non-neoplastic condition occurs most commonly in the knee followed by the hip, shoulder and elbow. It presents during the third to fifth decade twice as often in men than women and does not occur in children.
This has been described by Milgram to occur in three stages. First, the synovium (for unknown reasons) undergoes metaplasia. This is an active process of intrasynovial proliferation of cartilage nests. At this time cartilage nodules are formed that remain attached to the synovium. In the second stage, the nodules become detached and are present as loose bodies.

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