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2nd image
X ray Right Hip
Third image
X ray Left Hip

Xrays show diffuse calcification in the tissues of the right thigh as well as the left. The bone stock is relatively normal.

When she first presented ten years previously the patient had a small calcified mass near the greater trochanter R. Biopsy showed calcification in the soft tissues. She has chronic renal failure. The lesions have since progressed to the diffuse calcification seen about both hips in the X rays on this page. There are no aggressive features such as erosion of bone that may suggest malignancy.

The basic cause of the problem is metastatic calcification due to high phosphate levels. This patient has an inability to resecrete phosphate from the distal tubule. If the bone stock is normal, this condition of soft tissue calsification is known as Tumoral Calcinosis - if the cause is secondary to hyperpatarhyroidiosis (have osteopaenic bones) the condition is also known as CKD-Mineral and Bone Disorder (Renal Osteo Dystrophy) in both manifestations the ultimate cause is phosphate retention due to poor renal function

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