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2nd image
X ray
Third image
Photograph of the mass on the right shoulder

The X ray shows calcification about the shoulder. There is no bony destruction or perosteal reactions. The clips from the previous parathyroidectomy can be seen in the neck.

As this man has been on renal dialysis for several years and has documented hyperparathyroidism, the metastatic calcification can be called CKD-Mineral and Bone Disorder (old term was Renal Osteodystrophy) The calcification is a late stage of tertiary hypoparathyroidism where the kidneys later fail to resecrete phosphate and the blood levels rise. The serum calcium is already high due to its mobilisation from the bone due to the hypoparathyroidism. The resulting calcium pyrophosphate precipitates in muscle and other soft tissue.

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