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4 Giant Cell Tumor Presented with a swelling and pain of the distal radius. Treatment en bloc excision of the disal radius. Free vascularised flap crista iliaca as graft and arthrodesis of the wrist. The fact that he was a smoker and his age was against success. Despite these adverse factors, bony fusion was achieved. He was last seen 2 years later with no recurrence and solid athrodesis.
5 GIANT CELL TUMOR Lytic lesion of the distal femur.After biopsy the cavity was curetted and filled with bone cement. The patient presented a few months later with a pathylogical fracture through the cemented area. This was treated with a custom made total knee replacement
6 Giant Cell Tumour Pain over the for 3 months hip. Tender to palpation over greated trochanter.
7 Giant Cell Tumor Presented with hip pain for 18 months. Expansile lesion of prox femur. Femur neck has fractured and vanished. A resection of the lesion was done and ileofemoral arthrodesis was done as a secondary operation through a Ludlof medial incision. A hip spica was applied. The patient was given deep neutron radiotherapy as the excision had been marginal. When seen 1 year later the patient was ambulant. A relatively painless pseudarthrosis was present at the arthrodesis site.
8 GIANT CELL TUMOR Pain and swelling in the knee region. Treated by Curettage and Cryosurgery the cavity was filled with allograft. Pathylogical fracture of prox metaphysis developed. Drifted into genu varus. A proximal tibial valgus osteotomy at level of tibial metaphysis. This united slowly and by the time union was achieved 1 year later, a varus deformity had recurred. Seqestrectomy was done for persistant sinus. At this stage ( 3 years after presentation) there was no recurrent tumor - confirmed by biopsy. AK amputation done for a recurence of the tumour about 6 years after initial presentation.
33 Giant cell tumour Pain and swelling below the knee.
49 Giant Cell Tumor Presented in 1987 with neck pain and no history of trauma. At presentation there was no neurological fallout, Xrays show a lytic destruction of the C2 vertebra.
Giant Cell Tumour was confirmed by transoral biopsy. Halo thoracic jacket was used to stabilise the neck. Had posterior C1 C2 fusion. She developed hyper reflexia and bladder fallout, resulting in death a few months later from the sequelae of a progressive neurological fallout.
51 Giant Cell tumor Child presented with a spontaneous fracture of the proximal femur.
61 Giant Cell Tumour Painful knee several months and finally presented when she injured her knee.
ESR 18 mm/h
83 Giant cell tumour Presented with a 1 yr history of knee pain and swelling. Firm mass L proximal tibia and flexion contracture of knee.
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