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9 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Expansile aggressive lesion R distal femur. Early x ays are lost, they showed an very aggressive lytic expansile lesion. A differential diagnosis was of osteogenic sarcoma or an aggressive ABC. Histology confirmed the diagnosis of aneurysmal bone cyst. In children the ABC can be very aggressive locally, as in this case and histological diagniosis is mandatory. The lesion was treated by aggressive curettage, cryosurgery and allograft. The xray shown here is a late stage - 3 years after the original treatment. There was a marked leg length discrepancy due to destruction of the growth plate.
10 ANEURYSMAL BONE CYST Presented with pain in the buttoc Lytic expansile lesion of Ischium extending to inferior surface acetabulum. Treated by cutettage via a medial (Ludlov approach) and bone grafting. Two years later the patient was asymptomatic and the cyst consolidated. Benign cysts later become sclerotic as they heal especially if bone graft was used in treatment. Remaining lytic areas in the cyst can be a cause of concern, and may warrant rebiopsy as they may be a recurrentce of the tumour.
18 Aneurysmal bone cyst Hip pain of 9 months duration xrays showed this large, lytic well circumscribed lesion in plevis above acetabulum this extends to subchondral bone surface Coombs needle biopsy -> Calcification - no malignancy. Later open curettage and bone graft was done. At most recent followup (3 years later) she was asymptomatic and good ROM
22 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Referred from a peripheral hospital where a bony mass over the distal clavicle had been curettaged two years previously, and had and had subsequently recurred.
The expansile loculated nature of this lesion of the distal clavicle makes aneurysmal bone cyst the most likely diagnosis.
The lesion was again curetted and bone graft packed into the cavity.
30 Aneurysmal bone cyst Presented with a ten month history of ankle pain Biopsy curettage and cryosurgery were given.
38 Aneurysmal bone cyst Presented with lower backache and slow development of incontinence of urine.
41 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Marathon runner, Presented with 2 months hip pain R.
42 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Complained of gradulal onset of hip pain.
44 Aneurismal Bone Cyst The patient complained of 2 months hip pain. She was neurologically intact.
66 ANEURYSMAL BONE CYST Complained of pain in buttoc for 2 months
81 Aneurysmal bone cyst Presented with pain and swelling L forefoot
Xrays show an expansile cystic lesion of the third metatarsal diaphysis.
Histologically ABC, but also has features of Giant cell tumour. Was infiltrating soft tissues in some areas.
En bloc excision of the metatarsal shaft and head.
113 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Slow growth over many years of a mass in her Right foot.
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