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 First image Pain in thigh for 6 months. Lytic infiltrative lesion confined to shaft of mid femur R.Biopsy confirmed diagnosis. The radiologic appearance of EG is non-specific and differs by location. The skull may have a lesion with sharp, punched out borders that is uneven across the inner and outer table causing a "bevelled edge". Pelvic lesions are often poorly defined. Spine lesions are normally found in the vertebral body. EG is found in the diaphysis or metaphysis of long bones in the center of the medullary cavity as in this case. The lesion may cause endosteal scalloping or a periosteal reaction. The old term for Langerhans Histeocytosis was Eosinophilic Granuloma.
AP Xray Femur
Age: 11 yr Diagnosis Langerhans histeocytosis  
Site Femur L Midshaft