Musculoskeletal case studies for medical students

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Case Number
Problem (*)
11 Proximal femur fracture Thumbnail Proximal femur fracture View
12 Proximal femur fracture Thumbnail Intracapsualar femur fracture View
13 Foot Fracture Thumbnail Foot Fracture View
14 Proximal Femur Fracture Thumbnail Proximal Femur Fracture View
15 Cervical Spine Thumbnail Cervical Fracture View
16 "Knee" Injury Child Thumbnail "Knee" Injury, Child View
17 Hip Fracture Thumbnail Inter trochanteric Fracture View
18 "Wrist" injury child Thumbnail "Wrist" injury child View
19 Knee injury Thumbnail Knee injury View
20 "Wrist injury Thumbnail Wrist injury View
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     Records 11 to 20 of 25

Intended users

This series of trauma case studies is intended for Medical Students, General Practitioners and others, who are not Orthopaedic specialists, but have to manage trauma.

In the discussion on the final view page, it is assumed that the practitioner responsible for the initial care of the patient has no instrumentation for definitive internal fixations, or the expertise to do anything beyond necessary emergency procedures. It is assumed that these patients can be referred on for subsequent procedures.


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