Musculoskeletal case studies for medical students

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History An 18 year old female fell on her outstretched hand. Closed injury, neurovascular intact, no other injuries were present.
Initial X ray
Description AP X ray
X ray
Problem The 18 old female who fell on her outstretched hand. How this was treated, and why.
X ray after treatment
Description After application of a figure of 8 bandage.
Post management further view
Classification The previous X-ray shows a fracture of the mid shaft of the left clavicle with moderate displacement and angulation.
Discussion of management

Most fractures of the mid clavicle can be treated conservatively. A figure of 8 bandage was applied.The follow up X-ray above shows improvement in the angulation.

Secret to the success of this method include:

  • Inside the stockinet and padding of the two rings must be unstreachable material, such as a layer of flannel.
  • Adjust the tension on the cross links between the lops twice daily. It is difficult for the patient to do this himself and somebody else must be instructed to do this for the him or her.


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