Enrolment at Stellenbosch University


Enrolment to Stellenbosch University is subject to a formal application being approved by the respective department.


Registration normally takes place in January of each year, with some Master's and doctoral programmes permitting second semester registrations in July of the academic year. Registration information for all new postgraduate students is available via our downloadable Welcome and Orientation Postgraduate Studies Guide

All students must ensure that they adhere to all requirements before commencing with registration and present the following supporting documentation upon arrival:

  • Proof of payment/ funding;
  • Proof of admission letter (issued by the responsible faculty/departmental administrator);
  • Proof of original academic transcripts and accommpanying degree certificates (excluding qualifications previously or currently obtained from Stellenbosch University).

International students must obtain pre-registration clearance from Stellenbosch University International Services Centre prior to registration by producing the following supporting documentation:

  • Proof of valid passport and study visa;
  • Proof of South African medical insurance;
  • Proof of academic fees payment or scholarship.

*You may produce these documents upon arrival by presenting it at Room 1016 of the RW Wilcocks Building, or alternatively, sending it via email as of 07 January 2019 to intpreregistration@sun.ac.za. In the case of email correspondence, please remember to insert your surname and student number in the subject line of the email.

The electronic registration platform will be available between 14 - 31 January 2019.  The manual registration process will commence in the NARGA computer facililty between 28 - 31 January 2019.

The formal registration schedule for ALL postgraduate students is available here.