Department of Economics

This Department was established in 1920 and has a long tradition of research in macroeconomics, structural economic issues, and economic policy formulation, implementation and assessment in the context of a developing country.

Exchange agreements exist with, among others, the Vrije University, and the Universities of Erasmus and of Maastricht. An exciting new development is the offering of a double degree master's programme in Development Economics in partnership with Göttingen University in Germany.

ReSEP (Research on Socio-Economic Policy) is a group of researchers consisting of staff members, contract research staff and graduate students that focuses on issues of poverty, income distribution, social mobility, economic development and social policy. Their research was further stimulated when Professor Servaas van der Berg in 2008 became the South African National Research Chair in the Economics of Social Policy, financially supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

*Medium of tuition is English and all programmes are suitable for international students.



Departmental Secretary: Ms Ina Kruger

Tel: +27 (0)21 808 2247