Centre for Student Counselling and Development

The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) aims to provide psychological services, development services and career-planning services to current and prospective students where possible, in order to promote a well-informed, psychologically healthy community.

The functions of the CSCD can be broadly divided into seven services:

Academic counselling;Occupational guidance and development;Individual and/or group therapy;Contemporary developmental workshops;An Office for Students with Special Learning Needs;Consultations;Training and supervision of intern psychologists.
The services offered, including group and individual therapy, are generally free of charge for all registered students. If you need to consult a psychiatrist, a fee will be levied. Some of the workshops and occupational guidance also require a fee.

Centre for Student counselling and Development
Located at 37 Victoria Street
Tel: +27 (0)21 808 4707
Emergencies 24/7: 082 557 0880