Postgraduate Support and Skills development

The main purpose of postgraduate studies is to develop independent research skills. During a postgraduate degree, the focus is on conducting research independently and on creating your own work structure. However, this does not mean that there is no support for postgraduate students. Stellenbosch University has a host of courses, facilities and support services available to enhance the quality of your research and to support you through the completion of your postgraduate degree.

For this reason the Postgraduate & International Office has established a service to:

  • Assist postgraduate students in:
    Understanding the research process
    Establishing which skills they need to develop
    Finding the correct service provider on campus to address these needs
  • Offer courses and events specifically for postgraduate skills development, for example the research orientation day, dissertation writing workshops, grant writing workshops, postgraduate support groups etc.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Postgraduate and International Office or contacting Ms. Ronel Steyn.

Postgraduate and International Office
Located in the RW Wilcocks Building, 3rd floor

Ronel Steyn
Tel: +2721 808 9157