BNursHons in Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology

The area of specialisation Advanced Midwifery and Neonatl Nursing is offered in response to the need for skilled birth attendants in South Africa. This undertaking is in line with three Millennium Development Goals and with Chapter Five of the Nursing Act 33 (2005) section 56 which stipulates that nurses that are duly trained may assess, diagnose and prescribe treatment, and keep and supply medication for specific illnesses and conditions. On completing this B Nursing Hons programme, graduands will be equipped to successfully manage normal pregnancy and obstetric emergencies, and to ensure timely referral as needed.

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Structure and duration

This programme follows a blended learning approach, offering both contact sessions and certain modules via the telematic platform. Students must attend contact sessions on the Tygerberg campus for the following modules:

. Principles and Processes of Advanced Midwifery

. Principles and Processes of Advanced Neonatology

The following module is completed in an accredited institution on behalf of Stellenbosch University Nursing Division according to the hours required by the South African Nursing Council, with sessions in the clinical skills lab:

. Clinical Foundations: Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology

Students receive study material, need to complete assignments and write examinations as indicated. Additional to and in support of the study material, students attend interactive satellite broadcasts at one of various study centres throughout South Africa and in Namibia. Students who are unable to attend the broadcasting sessions may still enter the programme as they can obtain DVDs of the sessions.

Study material and broadcasts are in English. However, examination papers are set in both Afrikaans and English, and students may answer in either of the two languages. They are welcome to correspond with the University in either English or Afrikaans.

The duration of the programme is one year.

Modules and assessment

. Principles of Advanced Nursing Practice 711 (10 credits)

. Principles of Advanced Nursing Practice 741 (10 credits)

. Research Methodology 771 (30 credits)

. Principles and Processes of Advanced Midwifery 775 (20 credits)

. Principles and Processes of Neonatology 776 (20 credits)

. Clinical Foundations: Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology 777 (30 credits)

Each module is assessed separately with a minimum pass mark of 50%. A final mark of 75% is needed to obtain the degree cum laude. The final mark of the programme is calculated based on the relative weighting of each module as indicated by the credit value for each module.

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Cost of the programme

Prospective students wishing to estimate fees and budget for the academic year, may request a provisional fees statement by following the "Fees" tab above and, under the button "Provisional fees statement", selecting "Distance education PG".

Contact details

Course co-ordinator: Doreen Mugendi M'Rithaa

Tel: +27 21 938 9036

Fax: +27 21 932 6588

Programme Administrator: Chantal Maclons

Tel: +27 21 938 9036

Application information

The closing date for applying to this programme is 10 December.

To apply, use the link "e online applications" below.