What can I study

Stellenbosch University offers postgraduate degree programmes across its ten faculties. In addition to traditional contact teaching, the University also embarked on enhancing the virtual mobility of students who are geographically dispersed, by offering technology-supported teaching to students by means of a telematic technology platform that integrates satellite, cell phone, internet and video conferencing technology.

Some of our postgraduate programmes are taught in full via the Stellenbosch University’s telematic technology platform. Other programmes offer selected modules by means of ‘blended learning’, which means that the modules are taught by means of conventional lectures and information and communication technology.

Please use the menu items on the right to browse Postgraduate Programmes - referring to degree programmes offered by the University which do not necessarily have telematic options. The menu item "Telematic Programmes" refers to those programmes offered through our telematic technology platform, either in full or via blended learning.