Congratulations to Carol Mahachi who won a won a LOreal PhD Fellowship Award
Congratulations to our students on their achievements at PSSA 2017
Megan Mitchell - Award for cancer research
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Danzil Joseph - Early detection key to staving off full-blown diabetes

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F334 Video Winners:

2016: B2 - Growth Hormone

2015: GroupB2 - Growth Hormone

            Runner up Group A2 - HMB

            Runner up Group C1 - Ephedra Alkaloids

           Special Mention Group C1


Physiology Society of Southern Africa

International Union of Physiological Science

International Organization of Psychophysiology 

The Physiological Society 

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology 

American Physiological Society 


16 Oct 2017: Ms. Toni Goldswain - "An investigation into the potential cardioprotective effects of Ghrelin in a chronic rat model of Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity"

11 Oct 2017: Ms. Natasha Driescher - "
Elucidating perturbations in the rat heart in response to sugar-sweetened beverage consumption"

03 Oct 2017: Dr M. Le Roux - "Department of Psychology: Human-animal interaction"

13 Sept 2017: Mr Luan Africa - "Innovus: Making Innovation Matter"

26 Jul 2017: Dr Ben Loos - "An update of recent travels

14 Jun 2017: Hein Venter - "Phenotype Microarrays - Detailed Characterization of Cell Function and Response to Genetic Alteration or Chemical Stimuli"

07 Jun 2017: Dr Nkanyiso Hadebe - "Reperfusion Injury"

24 May 2017: Prof. Stefan Barth - "
Knowledge-driven development of disease-specific recombinant diagnostics and immunotherapeutics"

26 Apr 2017: Mr. Izak Storm - "Multi analyte detection on Luminex technology: proteins and beyond"

18 April 2017: Dr Ayodeji B. Oyenihi
- "Plant-derived products may be the panacea for chronic diseases: A case study of Centella in Type 2 diabetes mellitus "

15 Mar 2017: Mr. Josh Nederveen - "The influence of capillarization on satellite cell pool expansion"

17 Feb 2017:  Mr Niccolo Passerin - "The Dose and Time Dependent Effects of HGF on Myf-5, MyoD and miR-31 Expression in Quiescent Primary Human Myoblasts"  

15 Feb 2017: Mr Johan Visser - "Developing a transendothelial shuttle by macrophage modification"
                         Ms Tanya Smith - "Elucidation of cellular mechanisms that may contribute to polyphenol-induced effects on neutrophil chemokinesis"

14 Feb 2017: Ms Hermine Kruger - "Honours defense"

07 Feb 2017: Janina Benade: Rethink your drink: Early proteomic and metabolic changes induced by long-term sugar-sweetened beverage consumption.

08 Feb 2017: Prof. Douglas Kell - "A dormant blood microbiome, host iron dysregulation and LPS-induced coagulopathies underpin a large range of chronic, inflammatory diseases: a systems biology approach"

08 Feb 2017: Mr Jason Lovett: - "Exosome dynamics and cargo changes in response to muscle damaging exercise."

01 Feb 2017: Temitope Ogundipe - "De-ubiquitination: does the answer to cardiotoxicity lie within the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway?

30 Jan 2017: Jenelle Govender - "PhD defense"

25 Jan 2017: Charlene Kimar - "PhD defense"
                         Gustav van Niekerk - "PhD defense"

09 Nov 2016: "Continuation of Honours Defense Presentations"
                         Yigael Powrie - "Investigating Tau pathology in an in vitro model for Alzheimer’s disease."
                         Jurgen Kriel - "The use of autophagy modulation to combat cell death resistance in Glioblastoma Multiforme."

08 Nov 2016: "Honours Defense Presentations"

12 Oct 2016: Tanja Davis - "The role of the AHNAK protein in breast cancer: Implications for tumour metastasis and chemoresistance"

17 Aug 2016: Dr. Cecilia Roberts - "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy"

10 Aug 2016: Dr. Nathaniel McGregor - "Anxious about being Anxious?"

20 Jul 2016: Honours Physiology Presentations

08 Jun 2016: Dr. Tessa Little - "Quantifying the dynamics of the insulin signalling pathway in muscle cells"
                         Mr Cobus van Dyk - "A Detailed Kinetic Investigation of the Glycolysis of C2C12 mouse muscle myofibers"

18 May 2016: Dr. John Lopes - "Cardiomyocyte viability determination – a comparison of morphology and morphometry"

11 May 2016: Mrs. Lize Engelbrecht - "Microscopy in the mix – various developments in fluorescence and electron microscopy platforms"

18 Apr 2016: Dr. Chrisma Pretorius - "Neuropsychiatric aspects of and the psychosocial impact of chronic illnesses on patients, their caregivers and service                                      providers"

16 Mar 2016: Prof Claire Stewart - "The 4-D world of Skeletal Muscle:  Division, Differentiation, Death and Damage."

07 Mar 2016: Dr Ben Loos - "Gliomas and cell death sensitization – a South African-Indian perspective: Feedback on Research visit"

02 Mar 2016: Professor Derek Renshaw -  “Annexin A1 protein and Obesity”

17 Feb 2016: Ms Emilene Breedt - "An evaluation of Trimetazidine as a therapeutic intervention in a newly established ex vivo mouse model of acute heart failure"
                         Mr Burger Symington - "The effects of HIV protease inhibitors on the rat heart"
                         Mrs Faten Abaid - "Cardio-metabolic effects of anti-retroviral treatment in the Cape Winelands region of South Africa"

11 Feb 2016: Andre du Toit  - "Measuring and modelling autophagic flux"

10 Feb 2016: Ms Jana Wurz - "The role of ketone bodies in autophagic flux, cellular energetics and injury-induced neurotoxicity"

03/02/2016: Ms Ilze Mentoor - "Association between cancer risk, adipose tissue & selected systemic markers: 
                                                        a possible classification according to body shape
                       Mr Tumi Chaebasele - "Does protection through autophagy go beyond acute doxorubicin induced cytotoxicity?" 

29 Jan 2016: Ms Monet Viljoen - "Correlations between stress-associated anxiety and physiological determinants of health in adolescents"

27 Jan 2016: Prof. Gianni Parise - "Recent advances in understanding regulation of human muscle stem cells"

18 Oct 2015: Honours - "Defense Presentations"

21 Oct 2015: Prof. Nigel Stepto - "A translational journey from bench top to patient and back: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome specific insulin resistance and the impact of exercise."

14 Oct 2015: Prof. Alison September - "Decoding Musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries"

07 Oct 2015: Mr Jason Lovett - "Exosomes: skeletal muscle communicators"
                         Mr Tope Ogundipe - "De-ubiquitination in the face of chronic doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity"

23 Sep 2015: Mr Winston Beukes - "Animal Ethics, Human Ethics, Environ Ethics and Bio Risks"

18 Aug 2015: Dr Du Preez van Staden  - "Role of Lantibiotics in Staphylococci-Host Interaction"

11 Aug 2015: Prof MF Essop & Prof KH Myburgh - "Report back on conference and laboratory visits" 

05 Aug 2015: Ms Lize Engelbrecht - "Research on the edge: Preparations to take imaging to the next level"

17 Jun 2015: Ms Janina Benade - "MSc Proposal"
                       Mr Jurgen Kriel - "MSc Proposal"

10 Jun 2015: Ms Tanya Smith - "MSc Proposal"
                       Ms Jana Wurz - "MSc Proposal"

03 Jun 2015: Ms Kelly Petersen - “Modulation of neutrophil chemokinesis by in vitro treatment with grape seed-derived proanthocyanidolic oligomers

27 May 2015: Prof. Marshall McCue - "Using stable carbon isotopes to explore the physiology of exercise, digestion, and fasting"

20 May 2015: Ms Sumine Marais - "Bone health in pre- & post menopausal women with the metabolic syndrome: a possible link to lifestyle associated cancer"

11 May 2015: Ms Olga Johnson - "Metabolic syndrome & cancer risk: potential role of fatty acids on body composition"

                       Mr Chris Reeves - "Elucidating the role of exogenous nitric oxide in regenerating skeletal muscles of rats"

1 May 2015: Prof. Emannuel Bourdon - "Oxidative Stress in type 2 diabetes - Focus on the role of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs)"

22 Apr 2015: Honours Students - "Brain Teaser seminar 2"

15 Apr 2015: Paul Steyn - " PhD Defense"

                       Honours Students - "Brain Teaser seminar 1"

01 Apr 2015: Prof. Joss du Toit - "Androgen Replacement Therapy: Effects on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Myocardial  Ischaemic Tolerance in Obese, Hypogonadic Rats."

18 Mar 2015: Dirk Coetzee & Johan Visser - "MSc Project Proposals"

11 Mar 2015: Yigael Powrie - "MSc Project Proposal"

18 Feb 2015: Liz Louw - "MSc Defense"

 4 Feb 2015: Marie Theron - "Librarian open session" 

29 Jan 2015: 
Caleigh Opperman - "MSc Defense"


Wetenskap kafee Stellenbosch bied aan: On stimulants and supplements

Wetenskap Kafee Aanbieder - Prof C Smith
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Breast Cancer (Stellenbosch University, Main Campus)

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PSSA 2016 Prys Wenners
Professor of science aims to improve society
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PSSA 2015
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Honours 2015 Poster Presentations
Fisiologiese Wetenskap Navorsingsdag
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Yigael Powrie - MSSA kompetisie wenner

PPSS - Santa Shoe box
Prof Faadiel Essop - "US-navorsers help keer vernietigende uitwerking van diabetes"
Prof Carine Smith - Hoodia nuus artikels
Prof Carine Smith - Hoodia-verslankingsmiddels oneffektief en gevaarlik
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Danzil Joseph - Early detection key to staving off full-blown diabetes
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Departmentele Ontbyt
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SU Postdoctoral researcher wins 2nd place at AstraZeneca Health Sciences Research Day

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Swedish Collaboration - Exercise Research Group
Nuwe mikroskoop 'n eerste in Afrika én vir US
Honourable mention - Jo-Lin Kohn
The death of a cell
Lize Bruwer receives best honours student prize
Fit and Fabulous

Diabetics research student wins award

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Vernoeming van gebou gevier
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Cape Epic - 2005
Level 3 Anthropometrist - Dr Theo Nell
ISHR meeting: University of Tromso
Lize with her poster

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