Strategic goals for community interaction
Increased involvement and presence in local, national and international communities, with the primary aim to emphasise the important role of physiological sciences in the interaction of human and its environment. The overall mechanism of community interaction is based on the application of scientific expertise (both academic and research) to reach out to the community (the broader public and various scientific spheres).

The main focus of the department lies in educational development of young learners through awareness programmes such as school open days, winter week and other presentations to schools. Furthermore, dissemination of knowledge to the broader scientific sphere, the general public through different forums (broadcasting and journalistic media, conference presentations, scientific journals and text books etc.) is also a focus point.

Current Projects

Annual School Open Days
Annually, interested groups of grades 11-12 learners from various Western Cape Province regional schools visit our department for a day of exhibitions, presentations and information sessions. Postgraduate students from the department share their experiences and knowledge through direct interaction with the learners.

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, Stellenbosch regional competition
Young upcoming learners from the Western Cape Province annually compete at the ESKOM Expo. Our department is very active in this initiative that runs through the Faculty of Sciences. Various staff members are delegated to provide inputs and act as judges on the selection panels.

Physiology is Cool
Grade 11 learners from the Cloetesville, Idasvalley and Kayamandi regions are sponsored by SMM to explore study options in Physiological Sciences. These schools have been identified as disadvantaged regional schools but also talented pupils that can achieve much more with the help of the Department's outreach programme.