Department of Modern Foreign Languages

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages at Stellenbosch University is one of the largest residential university departments for foreign language learning in South Africa. At postgraduate level, we offer exciting and varied programmes in Chinese, French and German, all of which are combined with possibilities to spend time abroad.

We believe that the limits of our world are determined only by the limits of our language and that the study of literature can serve as a guide to discover and explore new territories and give meaning to our increasingly complex lives.

Some of our postgraduate programmes, such as the Postgraduate Diploma and MA in Technology for Language Learning, the Honours programme in Chinese and the double MA in German with Leipzig University are quite unique to our Department. The PhD in Comparative Literature is offered by several language departments, on their own or in collaboration with each other. This is also a distinctive offering in our Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.



Senior Departmental Officer: Ms Lizelle Engelbrecht

Tel: +27 (0)21 808 2133