Department of Education Policy Studies

Research focus

Research in this Department explores the dynamic field of contestation between the democratic transformation of education and societal changes in relation to education policy implementation. Educational leadership and management constitute the focus of policy implementation.

Main areas of research

Democratic education and citizenship education: This area incorporates the philosophical investigation of concepts such as equal liberties, communitarianism, citizenship theory and their enriched implications for the transformation of education in schools and universities vis-à-vis the implementation of education policy.

Democratic transformation of education and education policy implementation: This focus area explores the impact of globalisation on the interaction between transformative working environments, qualification frameworks and assessment, as well as the interaction between educational, school leadership and management narratives.

Education policy reform in urban context: This area of research is investigated by applying the theoretical lenses of 'policy renovation' and 'space' to selected qualitative methodologies and ethnographic sites.

What the curriculum activates in young people: A multi-dimensional exploration of the experiences within educational environments that help structure, shape or inform young people's transitions into adult life.

Shaping the indexed identity and re-imagining schooling and its context.

School leadership, governance, management and human resource management.

Postgraduate qualifications

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Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Development and Democracy


Admission requirements to MEd by research

Master of Education in Education Policy Studies (Full Thesis)


Doctor of Philosophy (research) - focus areas include:

  • Comparative Education
  • Education Management
  • Education Policy Studies
  • Philosophy of Education

Doctor of Education (research)


Departmental Secretary: Ms Simone Alexander

Tel: +27 (0)21 808 2419