BA in Language and Culture

The BA in Language and Culture prepares you for the world of tomorrow – a world of diversity and multilingualism. In this world only one language, or even two, will not be sufficient to carve a career across traditional linguistic and national borders. The possibilities are endless and include careers in the media and journalism, the diplomatic service, the editing and book industry, teaching, tourism, the world of music and theatre, public relations, communication and other careers that may not even exist yet. The limits of your language determine the limits of your world. Don't limit your world!

   Programme content

General Linguistics and Information Skills are compulsory first-year subjects. You are able to choose from language subjects such as Afrikaans en Nederlands, Afrikaans Language Acquisition, African Languages, Applied English Language Studies, Biblical Hebrew, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Latin, Basic Xhosa and Xhosa. In addition to languages, the programme also includes culture subjects such as Ancient Cultures, History, Visual Studies, Philosophy, Psychology and Theatre Science. You may take either two language subjects, or a language and a culture subject as majors. All the subjects, with the exception of Afrikaans Language Acquisition and Basic Xhosa, can be taken as majors, as long as there are no clashes in your timetable.

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   Admission requirements

  • For the NSC an aggregate of at least 63% (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Home Language 50%
  • First Additional Language 50%