BA in Social Dynamics

This programme prepares you for work in the social sectors of the labour market. You will learn how to analyse, interpret, understand, explain and influence the socio-economic, social and political aspects of changing a society. In this way, you increase your competitiveness as a potential participant in the labour market, because you will have learnt how to hold your own in a changing environment, how to understand the complex processes of a dynamic social world, and how to increase its sustainability.

   Programme content

You choose two majors from the following Social Sciences: Economics, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Social Anthropology. The other three first-year subjects and two second-year subjects you choose from various languages and Ancient Cultures, Philosophy, Public and Development Management, and Socio-Informatics.

These subjects offer you the full spectrum of the multiple dimensions of social dynamics. It includes, among others, topics such as the structures of society, ideas on social change, processes of change, the identity and diversity of people, public policy, communication and information.

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   Admission requirements

  • Write the National Benchmark Tests AQL
  • For the NSC an aggregate of at least 65% (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Home Language 50%
  • First Additional Language 40%

If you take Socio-Informatics as a university subject, then also:

  • Mathematics 50% or Mathematical Literacy 70%

If you take Economics as a university subject, then also:

  • Mathematics 60%