BA in Drama and Theatre Studies

   About the programme

The training in this three-year programme results in well-informed, creative and well-equipped theatre practitioners and scholars, who can make a meaningful contribution to the theatre industry and related fields.

   Programme content

In the first two years the programme focuses primarily on drama or the theatre in the traditional sense of a performing art devoted exclusively to the stage. In the third year the training focuses also on the performing arts and the entertainment industry in the broader sense. The practical specialisation areas are underpinned by a strong theoretical basis, including text analysis and principles of theatre research.

There are two areas of specialisation.

Acting and performance training: Improvisation, acting for stage and camera, movement, voice and speech, radio, stage make-up and performance creation.

Technical and management training: Stage and production management, decor, props, costumes, lighting, sound, design, stage make-up, and screen production and editing.

The major subjects are Theatre Studies, Theatre Skills and Theatre Arts. Information Skills is compulsory. In your first year, you must choose two additional subjects from the following, of which one must be a language: Afrikaans Language Acquisition, Afrikaans and Dutch, English Studies, Xhosa, Basic Xhosa, Ancient Cultures, History, Psychology or Visual Studies. In the second year, you have to carry on with one of your additional subjects.

See the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Calendar for the curriculum.

   Admission requirements

  • Write the National Benchmark Test AQL
  • For the NSC an aggregate of at least 60% (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Home Language 50%
  • First Additional Language 50%


  • A limited number of candidates is selected
  • Selection requirements are available here or from
  • Candidates must be available for auditions and/or interviews during August
  • All auditions and interviews take place at the Drama Department in Stellenbosch