BA in International Studies

   About the programme

This programme aims to provide, within three years, a broad insight into the complexity of political, cultural and economic interaction across national boundaries, sensitising you to the role of identity issues in the international arena, and to prepare you to become an informed and critical world citizen.

This training opens up a range of possible career opportunities, for example in the diplomatic service; the international offices of the Departments of Labour, Commerce and Industry, and Defence; the International Division of Parliament; the National Intelligence Agency; the tourism industry; international telecommunications; international journalism; international research institutions; public liaison work; regional and country-wide institutions that promote commerce and investment (e.g. WESGRO); the head offices and regional offices of international organisations such as the UN, AU and the World Trade Organisation, Amnesty International and the World Economic Forum; international aid organisations such as Save the Children and OXFAM; multinational concerns; and the export and import industries. This BA degree is also a stepping stone to postgraduate qualifications in Political Science and International Studies, which too may be required by some of the institutions listed.

   Programme content

First-year subjects: Socio-Informatics; English Studies; French or German or Chinese; History; Information Skills; and Political Science.

Second-year subjects: Socio-Informatics; Economics; French or German or Chinese; History; Social Anthropology or Sociology; and Political Science.

Third-year subjects: History and Political Science, and choose enough modules to make up 24 credits from Social Anthropology, Metascience, French, German or Chinese.

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   Admission requirements

  • Write the National Benchmark Tests AQL
  • For the NSC an aggregate of at least 63% (excluding Life Orientation)
  • English Home Language 50% or English First Additional Language 60%