BA in Political, Philosophical and Economic Studies (PPE)

   About the programme

If you have an interest in philosophy, politics, economics (PPE) and the ideas that influence political economy, this is the programme for you! PPE is an internationally acclaimed qualification, made famous by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Stellenbosch University was the first university in South Africa to offer this programme, and it is currently one of only three universities in the country where you can receive the PPE-qualification.

This three-year programme develops your skills in critical and creative thinking and equips you with knowledge of philosophy, and of political and economic systems. You also learn more about social research, economic phenomena and trends, political and economic policy analysis and how to judge controversial moral-ethical issues.

The programme is aimed at people who are interested in careers in management, the civil service, journalism, the diplomatic service and academia. In addition, the PPE qualification offers you a wide variety of work opportunities, especially in the private sector.

   Programme content

PPE is an enriched BA degree where you take Philosophy, Political Science and Economics as majors for all three years, as well as additional subjects at the basic and intermediary levels.

See our Calendar entry for the curriculum.

   Admission requirements

  • Write the National Benchmark Tests AQL
  • For the NSC an aggregate of at least 63% (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Home Language 50%
  • First Additional Language 40%
  • Mathematics 60%