BEng (Chemical)

The BEng in Chemical Engineering is offered by the Department of Process Engineering.

   What is chemical engineering?

Chemical engineering involves the large-scale operation of processes by which various consumer products are produced, such as chemicals, pharmaceutical products, fertilisers, fuels, metals and other materials. Chemical engineers are also involved where effluents and waste materials are processed and recycled. These processes range from simple physical separations, such as distillation, evaporation, drying or filtration, to complex chemical synthesis.

   What knowledge and skills does this programme equip one with?

Chemical engineers are equipped with a thorough knowledge of the fundamental sciences of mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as of thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, mass transfer, reactor design, separation processes, control systems and plant design. The programme in chemical engineering also contains elective modules in mineral processing.

See the curriculum in our Calendar, page 41.

   Job opportunities for chemical engineers

The practice of chemical engineering comprises the development, design, construction and/or operation of processes on an economical basis. Chemical engineers work in a wide range of concerns, from large multinational companies to small consultation partnerships.

Minimum admission requirements