BEng (Mechatronic)

   What is mechatronic engineering?

Mechatronic engineering is a combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronics and computer systems. A typical mechatronic system is characterised by close integration of mechanical components, electronic sensors, mechanical and electrical actuators and computer controllers. Examples of mechatronic systems include electronic engine control systems, robot systems and automated assembly lines.

   What knowledge and skills does this programme equip one with?

This programme consists of modules from the BEng (Mechanical) and BEng (Electrical and Electronic) programmes, built on a base of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The emphasis in the programme is on Mechatronics, Control Systems, Machine Design, Electronics and Computer Systems.

See the curriculum in our Calendar, page 56.

   Job opportunities for mechatronic engineers

Although mechatronic engineering is one of the smaller engineering disciplines in South Africa, there is a sustained demand for mechatronic engineers. Some mechatronic engineers work for large multinational corporations, but the diverse education of mechatronic engineers is sought after in smaller engineering concerns and serves as an excellent base for entrepreneurs. Mechatronic engineers are usually closely involved in the development or operation of systems that contain mechanical, electronic and/or electrical subsystems.

Minimum admission requirements