SciCOM hosts the South African Research Chair in Science Communication.

Following the allocation of a South African (DST/NRF) Research Chair in Science Communication, Stellenbosch University has become an African hub for research and postgraduate training in science communication.

Scicomm research ideas and inspiration from Israel

Similar to the situation in South Africa, research in the field of science communication is a relatively new, but growing, field in Israel. Professor Ayelet Baram-Tsabari leads the country’s pioneering research group in this field at Technion situated in Haifa. She visited Stellenbosch University to interact with local researchers and students interested in science communication research projects.

Science communication masterclass at CREST

On 4 & 5 December 2019, CREST will host two leading experts in the field of strategic science communication for a two-day masterclass. This is an opportunity for researchers to acquire advanced science communication skills that could provide a competitive edge in terms of public and policy leadership, as well as meaningful public engagement.

The global reality of science journalism today

Marina Joubert – The challenging realities of science journalism around the world, as well as its crucial role at the interface between science and society, were hotly debated at the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists that took place in Lausanne, Switzerland at the beginning of July 2019. Dr Marina Joubert attended this conference and wrote this blog for the PCST network, as well as a conference review for the open access journal JCOM.

The end of a #scicomm journey

Several weeks ago I joined a group of 48 adventurous individuals from 15 countries and embarked on a journey into the world of public science communication. This journey (via an interactive online course) is now drawing to a close. As any traveller returning home knows, the barrage of questions is about to begin. Where did we go? What sights did we see? How did we experience the local food and culture?