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SciCOM hosts the South African Research Chair in Science Communication.

Following the allocation of a South African (DSI/NRF) Research Chair in Science Communication, Stellenbosch University has become an African hub for research and postgraduate training in science communication.

New PhD project to focus on cancer in the mass media

Lili Rademan is a new doctoral candidate at CREST who follows the specialisation in science communication, starting her study in 2021. Her background in physiology and journalism fuelled the idea for her research plan to investigate the issue of pseudoscience and misinformation in the media with specific reference to cancer reporting via online news media in South Africa. Her study will also explore the perceptions of South African cancer researchers and health journalists regarding pseudoscientific cancer claims and their potential role and responsibility to combat it.

Scientists and policymakers – can they see eye to eye?

University-based researchers and science policymakers live in different worlds, face different challenges and have different information needs. However, for science to impact policymaking, they must find a common language and a way to communicate effectively.

Six researchers were inspired to put their heads together in order to craft a science communication strategy that would help bridge the science–policy gap.

There has never been a better time to sharpen your #scicomm skills

Enrol now for this Stellenbosch University online course

The popular online science communication course at Stellenbosch University is designed to help researchers and communication professionals to get to grips with the principles and practice of effective science communication. Across all modules of the 2021 edition of this course, we will reflect on the effect of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and its implications for public science engagement, with a focus on what we have learned that we can use to improve future science communication activities. Apply on or before 21 May 2021.

Book launch: Communicating Science: A Global Perspective

A new book ‘Communicating Science. A global perspective’ will be released on Monday 14 September 2020, and is available for free in PDF format.

The book encapsulates the first study describing how public science communication has developed around the world. It covers several diverse regions and cultures: advanced nations of Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as emerging economies like Russia, Jamaica, Estonia, Iran and Pakistan. T

Two Stellenbosch academics at CREST are co-authors on two chapters.