SciSTIP is a DST/NRF Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

Established in 2014 as part of the DST/NRF Centres of Excellence Programme, SciSTIP focuses on in-depth analyses of the state and dynamics of science across the African continent. The insights generated by its varied research portfolio underpins evidence-based, expert advice that feeds into science management and policy directives.

Are academics ready to engage with society?

“Academic research is at a crossroads.” This is how Dr Jack Spaapen, a senior policy advisor at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, interprets the opposing demands made on today’s universities and researchers. “Researchers are squeezed between the non-negotiable demands for international excellence on the one hand, and an increasing demand for societal relevance, impact and engagement on the other.”

Boost for doctoral supervision across Africa

CREST has received a grant of EUR300 000 (R4.5 million) for the next three years (2018 – 2020) to develop and offer a novel, online training course for doctoral supervisors at universities across the African continent. It is the first course of its kind – an online course specifically aimed at building capacity in doctoral supervision – in Africa.

Mobility of scientists

Dr Rodrigo Costas, an extraordinary associate professor at CREST and a researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University is one of the co-authors of a paper on scientists’ mobility, published in Nature on 4 October 2017. The paper shows that bibliometrics can be applied as a useful tool to track and identify the mobility of scholars.

Dynamics of scholarly publishing: global trends, local responses

The changing dynamics in scholarly publishing, both globally and in South Africa, present a range of challenges that have multiple implications for scientists’ careers, as well as the autonomy and authority of science. About 100 researchers and research managers from across South Africa gathered at CREST.