SA STI Indicators project

One of the main missions of SciSTIP is to produce a biennial South African STI Indicators book. The last “official” science, technology and indicators book to be produced in South Africa was published in 1996 by the then FRD. Various versions of more limited indicators publications have subsequently appeared, but none of these can be regarded as meeting the requirements of a national and official STI Indicators publication.

SciSTIP plans to produce such a publication early in 2017. The project comprises two distinct planning and production processes involved in ensuring that the final book appears on time: the first involves the gathering and managing the data for the project; and the second, the production of the required indicators. These two processes are obviously complementary processes which need optimal synchronization.

The project is housed at CREST and will be led by Johann Mouton, Robert Tijssen and Rasigan Maharajh as project leaders.

Prof Mouton

Prof Tijssen

Prof Maharajh

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