SciBytes @ SciSTIP is a new information series produced by SciSTIP. Its aim is to disseminate, on a regular basis, brief reports about some aspect of the science and innovation system in South Africa. The aim is to inform and share knowledge produced by SciSTIP. The “bytes” are written in a non-technical style.  Every issue of Sci Bytes will be structured in the form of a main question (with some elaboration). This series also forms part of SciSTIP’s science engagement strategy.

The first SciByte address the question: How many scientific papers does South Africa produce annually?
The next scibytes will address questions such as: How many PhD’s does South Africa produce? What are the trends in collaboration (as measured by co-authorship) and how do these differ by scientific field? In which journals (international and local) do SA academics publish most frequently? What is the current impact of South African science? These examples are indicative of the kinds of questions to be addressed.

However, we also want to make this an interactive engagement. We, therefore, want to invite anyone to send us suggestions for topics / questions that you would want us to address in future issues. You can send your suggestions to Johann Mouton at

SciByte@SciStip 1: How many scientific papers does South Africa produce annually? (Download)