Oversight of the work of SciSTIP is assessed, bi-annually (and against its Service Level Agreements), by the Steering Committee, comprising the Management Committee members, the DVC for Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies of the host, SU (Prof Eugene Cloete), the DVC for Partnerships, Research and Innovation at the co-host, TUT (currently Prof Thandi Mgwebi), and one representative each of DSI (Dr Rose Msiza, Director: Research Support) and NRF (Mr Nathan Sassmann, Director: Centres of Excellence; Research Chairs and Centres of Excellence (RCCE) Directorate).

The Management Committee consists of the Director of SciSTIP (Prof Johann Mouton), the Research Manager (Professor Heidi Prozesky), the CREST Centre Manager (Ms Marthie van Niekerk), the Director of IERI (Prof Rasigan Maharajh), the Director of CHET (Prof Nico Cloete) and a duly appointed CWTS representative, Prof Robert Tijssen.

The core team of SciSTIP is staff of the institutional members of SciSTIP who devote some proportion of their time on SciSTIP-funded projects. Currently, there are four full-time members of staff at SciSTIP: Prof Johann Mouton, Professor Heidi Prozesky, Ms Marthie van Niekerk and Mr Herman Redelinghuys.

More information on the core team can be found at the following websites: