Project time line: 2015 – 2019

With this project, we have developed the expertise and created databases and knowledge management systems that now enable us to undertake bibliometric studies in order to deliver timely findings about the state of scientific research in South Africa.

Our current emphasis is to develop and implement a rapid-response bibliometric platform that will allow SciSTIP researchers to generate fast and reliable bibliometric analyses and results on demand. In order to achieve this, we are focusing on three priorities:

  1. Finalise a standard set of bibliometric indicators;
  2. Ensure that the CREST version of the Thomson Reuters Web of Science (WoS) is up to date and allows for quick and reliable queries;
  3. Implement an interactive web-interface so that researchers in SciSTIP will be able use the bibliometric platform effectively and efficiently.

By using this bibliometric platform, researchers will be able to explore questions relating to research funders/funding and research outputs/impacts across South African and several other countries on the continent.

Key outputs to date

  • Mouton, J. & Basson, I. 2015. Research and innovation performance framework (Research report).
  • Mouton, J. Valentine, A., Blanckenberg, J., Spies, J. & Lorenzen, L. (with citation analyses produced by Van Wijk, E., CWTS). 2015. Bibliometric analysis of NITHeP publications: 2008–2014 (Research report).
  • Mouton, J. 2015. A bibliometric analysis of the state of research at UKZN (Research report).

Research team