Project time line: 2015 – 2017 (completed)

The study explored how several factors, including incentive schemes, funding regimes and policy instruments, affect knowledge production at universities in Africa that aspire to be research-orientated.

Highlights to date

  • Muller, J., Cloete, N. & Van Schalkwyk, F. (eds.). 2017. Castells in Africa: Universities and development. Cape Town: African Minds.
  • Langa, P.V. & Wangenene-Ouma, G. 2016. Strong convictions, weak evidence: the challenge of building research capability in African higher education. In: Cloete, N., Goedgebuure, L., Gornitzka, A., Jungblut, J. & Stensaker, B. (eds), Pathways through higher education research: A Festschrift in honour of Peter Maassen. Oslo: Department of Education, University of Oslo.
  • Cloete, N. & Mouton, J. 2015. Doctoral education in South Africa: policy, discourse and data. Cape Town: African Minds.

Research team