SciBytes@SciSTIP provides brief reports about key aspects of the science and innovation system in South Africa in response to a specific question. The aim is to inform and share knowledge produced by SciSTIP in a widely accessible format, in order to engage our partners, policymakers and interested members of the public.

We invite anyone to send us suggestions for topics or questions that you would want us to address in future issues. Please email Johann Mouton at

Our second edition of SciBytes@SciSTIP answers the question: How well is South African science doing?

Topics under consideration for future editions include:

  • How many PhD’s does South Africa produce?
  • What are the trends in research collaboration (as measured by co-authorship) and how do these differ by scientific field?
  • In which journals (international and local) do South African academics publish most frequently?
  • What is the current impact of South African science?

SciByte@SciStip 2: How well is South African science doing?
SciByte@SciStip 1: How many scientific papers does South Africa produce annually?