Die Suiderlig stort goue sonskyn
oor sy helder kom se rand;
gooi op Simonsberg vol glorie,
laat hom blink in Matieland.

Met verstand soek ons die wysheid,
met ons hart vind ons dit saam,
Sing ons monde, soek ons harte
net een huis en net een naam.

O! Simonsberg wat wit en helder
teen die blou die songlans vang,
waarna ons harte deur ons monde,
deur die jare terugverlang.

House Song

The Southern light showers golden sunshine
over the bright edge of its basin;
casts Simonsberg in full glory,
lets it shine in Matieland

With our minds we look for wisdom,
with our hearts we find it among us,
Our mouths sing of, our hearts search for
one house and one name only.

Oh! Simonsberg, white and bright
you catch the sun's lustre against the blue sky,
our mouths pour out our heart's yearning
for you as the years go by.

Ingoma yeKhaya

Ukukhanya kwaseMazantsi kuzisa ukuqaqamba kwelanga okugolide
ngaphaya komphetho oqaqambileyo wesidibi sawo;
kuthumela uzuko lonke eSimonsberg,
mayikhanye eMatieland.

Ngeengqondo zethu sikhangela ukubulumko,
ngentliziyo zethu sibufumana phakathi kwethu
Imilomo yethu intyiloza ngabo, intliziyo zethu zikhangela
ikhaya negama elinye kuphela.

Owu! Simonsberg, emhlophe neqaqambileyo
ubamb'ukukhazimla kwelanga kwisibhakabhak’esiluhlaza,
imilomo yethu iyakhala iintliziyo zethu ziyakulangazelela,
nanjengoko iminyaka ihamba.

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